About the game


Kinghill is a worker-placement game at heart, with a focus on gaining dominance on the board using units and spells.

In this game you take the role of a general leading a great kingdom into deadly battle to siege the enemy castle and claim a powerful artifact.

Inspiration comes from games like Lords of the Waterdeep, The Manhattan Project, Caverna or card games like Hearthstone or Magic: The Gathering.

Mixing together these two genres creates the opportunity for unique gameplay and an awesome experience for both euro and card-game players.

If you already have enough of building farms and feeding workers, focus rather on gathering your army, developing the Castle and studying powerful spells.

Siege the enemy Castle and win the game !

Number of players



- Game board + 2x Castle sheet

- Around 130 cards in total

- 15x peasant for each player 

- Random actions + Powers

- 3 different resources

- Mighty Moonstone Force cards

- Starting heroes

Finaly, you have arrived !

A smokescreen covered your continuous blinks towards the outskirts of the great kingdom, until the purple glow of Hope is the only thing clearly visible.

Along the way, you could sense the great shadow of a Dragon, watching your every step. Then, the distant voices of survivors seeking revenge towards the witch echoed through the destroyed cathedral halls.

Others are tending to their wounded, others were trying to collect dead bodies scattered around. You can hear burning husk from the great funeral pyre, whilst the High priest is chanting blessings.

Then in a gust of wind you can almost feel vibrant and pulsating power of nearby Moonstone, installed on the top of the Mage tower.

Are you ready ?

Game board


Game board prototype

The first part of the game is decided on a standard board with actions you can play.

These actions are not limited just to gathering resources. You can hire an army, trade, build and train specialists. Send your Ranger into the wilderness, your mage to study powerful spells or give your assassin the order to steal from your enemy.

Many actions are unlocked during game.

But beware. As the game is reaching its end, moonstones become increasingly more dangerous. As the game nears its end, strange Powers will affect the decisions of all the players.

- Assassin

Assassin is the marauding type of peasant. You can steal and and assassinate weak units directly.

- Mage

Mages have a good reputation among common people as long as they practice protective magic. Mages are the only ones who are able to study and cast mighty spells.


- Command your peasants and train them into specialists which are able to perform the special actions.

- many starting actions + 9 randomly revealed actions during the game.

- Special Powers are gradually revealed during this period, changing the gameplay each game

- Empower Moonstones to tap into Force for mighty effects !

- Each player controls the Castle with 15 Endurance points. If it is lowered to 0, you lose the game. 

- Ranger

Rangers are elite explorers.

They can search for resources in the wilderness and play some unique actions.

- Miner

Miners are not afraid to work hard all day and descent deeper into the mines.

They gain bonus resources while mining and they are able expand your castle much faster.

- Soldier

Soldiers assist in the terms of tactics and combat. Their primary ability is to provide passive bonus attack when sieging the enemy castle, but they are also able to play many military actions.

Card game

Units, Spells, Buildings, Force

In the world of Acherol, there are many weird creatures and adventurers roaming around. And if you can afford, you can hire them into your army.

Units can attack enemy Castle and fight each other.

Together with spells, buildings and special action spaces you can influence tides of the battle.

Moonstones are also gathering Force, so you can tap into it and cast powerful effects.


- Units are available in general offer for all the players. It is changed every turn.

- There is no deck building mechanic.

- Each unit has it´s Strength, defense and unique ability

- You can construct buildings for interesting effects and passive abilites.

- You are able to study spells, which can turn the tide of whole battle. Spells are instant action cards with powerful effects, but you need gather magic crystals first.

- You gain Force, which can be used to cast extreme powerful effects.

In progress:

- artwork

- rules

- how to publish

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