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Original concept mixing worker placement and card battle with engine building aspects for 1-2 players.


Kinghill was designed to combine complex euro game mechanics with a card game, where you use units in fast-paced combat to win the game !

- Over 50 Unit cards to hire

- Unique abilites and cards dependency

Card combat

Worker placement

Use workers to gather resources, construct buildings and hire units. Specialize, learn powerful spells or utilize Power of the Moonstones.

- 6 types of worker specialists

- Huge replayability and many different strategies

Key Elements

In this fantastic land lay two mighty artifacts that are held by rivalling kingdoms. A battle for dominance is at hand and you must lead your kingdom to victory!

 - Deploy workers to gain resources, construct buildings and hire units. 

- Unlock actions and gain bonuses to actions by having your workers specialize in one of 6 classes!

- Cast spells for a plethora of useful effects and unleash the unrivaled potency of moonstone force. 

- Moon power will then flood the land, creating chaotic effects. 

Build an Empire!

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